Our Mission

The specific purpose of this corporation is to provide assistance for the both the human, and economic development of Ghana, and to provide disaster relief efforts to the continent of Africa.

Akwidaa Village - Old Town / New Town

The fishing village of Akwidaa currently has two towns, Old Town and New Town, separated by the Exile River. Founded in 1402 by Nana Ewia Manle, the village is currently home to over 3,000 people and is located in the Western Region of Ghana, Africa.

The Elders and community of Akwidaa came to the realization that for the greater good of the village they were ready for outside help. In the past, they have been unable to meet their needs in the areas of health care, transportation, water, and education. ADP will strive to initiate the necessary changes to aid in the economic development of the village, as well as the humanitarian needs of its people. Akwidaa is excited to be the model that can be initiated throughout the country.

Akwidaa Development Project

The Akwidaa Development Project 501(c)(3) is a nonprofit organization created to provide assistance for both the human and economic development of the country Ghana, Africa. ADP is currently raising funds to install a hybrid wind and solar system in Akwidaa to provide electricity and clean drinking water for the school community. Click here for a copy of the new Akwidaa Community Energy Partnership PDF and help us bring electricity, light and water to the children and school teachers of Akwidaa.


Education will be a key component to the success of this proposed sustainable development. Expansion of the current educational system in Akwidaa as well as the remodeling and addition of new buildings is needed. Students will learn the necessary standards highlighting reading and comprehension along with the option to learn a trade cohesive with this project. The successful implementation of this educational model will lead to an open door for the next generation of community leaders.