Future Akwidaa Projects

Relocation of Old Akwidaa

  • Approx. 5 acres land
  • Approx. 725 homes
  • Approx. 3,500 people
  • Relocate to other side of river on Akwidaa owned family land
  • Each home receives 2 ½ acres land issued in their name, recorded with the Land Commission given a 100 year land lease.
  • Each family receives a starter home, running water, electricity, and waste development.

Conference Center

  • 200 person capacity
  • Top of Hill with view
  • Five minutes from Airport and Resort
  • Four acre hill surrounded by gold course, five minutes from airport.
  • Dome construction


  • Twelve acres on ocean
  • 125 rooms
  • 3 acre lake w/two islands, pedal boats, live entertainment
  • Oceanfront restaurant and bar
  • Ten minute walk from airport

Golf Course

  • 18 hole with “grass” greens
  • Country club built on top of a hill with spectacular views of ocean and the pristine Conservation area.
  • 125 home lot’s on golf course. Upper end homes in the price range of $350,000 to $500,000 and up.

Airport and Commercial District

  • 4,500 paved runway accommodating private and commuter planes
  • Verbal approval already given by Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
  • Administration office
  • Passenger terminal
  • Taxi service business
  • Food and goods warehouse
  • Cold storage facility for fish and produce
  • Industrial and manufacturing buildings
    • Palm and coconut oil manufacturing, bottling, and distribution
    • Moringa health products, see: www.moringaforlife.com
    • Bamboo housing manufacturing and distribution see: www.bambootechnolgies.com


  • Education will be a key component to the success of this proposed sustainable development. Expansion of the current educational system in Akwidaa as well as the remodeling and addition of new buildings is needed. Students will learn the necessary standards highlighting reading and comprehension along with the option to learn a trade cohesive with this project. The successful implementation of this educational model will lead to an open door for the next generation of community leaders.

Agriculture & Reforestation

  • Paulownia tree farm (bus plan) approved 300 acre site
  • Adjoins existing National Forest Preserve
  • Indigenous tree planting
  • Nursery propagation

Mangrove River Conservation & Study Preserve

  • National treasure
  • 5 mile Mangrove River
  • Establish Conservation and Study Preserve