Help Implement a Cure for Ebola

We are currently raising money to conduct clinical studies in Africa for the cure of Ebola.

We all have heard that Ebola has the potential to destroy the human race. Whether this is true or not is debatable. But since the potential exists, it is prudent that we all take immediate action to curb this threat to humanity.

The Akwidaa Development Project (ADP) is a nonprofit sustainable community developer and disaster relief organization working in Africa. ADP has developed a protocol for potentially curing Ebola that utilizes a natural, non toxic formula that if proven, could be administered through governments and hospitals of the affected areas.

ADP is currently seeking funding for clinical trials of this potential cure for Ebola.

ADP is uniquely positioned to perform these clinical trials swiftly and inexpensively. We are connected with the right people in the governments and know the right scientists and doctors to have official clinical trials performed swiftly and accurately to allow for official distribution of this potential cure to all ECOWAS nations. The ECOWAS is a group of West African nations that have special trade and emigration agreements with each other. Included in the ECOWAS are all the countries that are currently affected by Ebola. Namely, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Guinea, and Nigeria.

The formula to be tested: Our unique formula is natural, inexpensive, easy to administer, and parts of it are already clinically proven to obliterate hemorrhagic viruses (Ebola is in that category) This formula, once proven, can be distributed and administered by Africans to Africans. Parts of the formula can be made public knowledge and many ingredients can be obtained locally without the need to import. Remember, these are natural cures and once we can officially prove that they work, we can mostly formulate them from local ingredients. That way we can not only distribute and administer a potential cure, we can also publish through media, a recipe for making a potential cure out of locally obtained ingredients that can be self administered.

The World Health Organisation and the Center for Disease Control are not entirely trusted around the world and especially in Africa. This mistrust leads to big holes when trying to control the spread of the virus. We will have African scientists and African doctors performing the tests and administering the protocol: this will greatly increase the trust factor and help unify efforts. We need to find potential cures that are available to everyone... And… we need to be willing to give the formulas for our potential cures away if we truly want to save humanity from viral epidemics.

With that said, here are the ingredients of our formula that we will be performing our African clinical trials on:

-Mega doses of vitamin C
Intravenously or Liposomal C orally
Clinical studies were performed decades ago in the US proving mega doses of vitamin C

-angstrom silver
Dr. Hilda Clarke studies

Produces glutathione in the body

Each of these ingredients alone in the right doses have the potential to potentially cure Ebola and many other viruses and diseases. Some of them have already been proven. We intend to conduct clinical trials in Africa by Africans on these ingredients separately and together so that we can formulate the best possible cure approved by the ECOWAS nations for distribution and administration in hospitals. We also intend to formulate and distribute a recipe for a potential cure that can be obtained locally by any African in the ECOWAS.

Your donation goes directly towards getting this formula into clinical studies. We need to act immediately. We want to get a jump on this virus before it spreads to a critical mass. We have less than 2 months to raise at least $100,000 to make this happen by the beginning of 2015. We need your help. Please donate any amount to Akwadaa Development Project for Ebola cure trials. Any excess of the $100,000 will be spent on expanded distribution.

Thank you your donation and contribution to curbing the spread of this epidemic.